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because every shoe can tell a story

snow storm
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I got these shoes from a shop called Wade-Smith in Liverpool circa 1995/6. They stocked a lot of designer stuff that was outside my price range but I couldn't believe these Patrick Cox shoes were only 25, I loved the Eiffel Tower snow storm in the heel because they were so unusual. I didn't wear them much because I didn't want to damage them. Unfortunately they came a cropper in 1997 when I went to water party in Ibiza, they were the only waterproof shoes I had, however being immersed in water didn't do them any good and the glue holding them together came away, I was distraught.

Now all I have this picture taken by my boyfriend at the time to remind me of my fab snowstorm shoes.

image and text provided by Pamela Holstein
(photo by Will Curwen)