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because every shoe can tell a story

goth clobber
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It was a Friday and I'd agreed to go on a night out with a Goth friend the following day to a Alternative Metal club and had nothing to wear, as I generally wear bohemian sarongs and loud coloured tops. She persuaded me to go shopping for the black clothing and took me to her favourite shops. After hours of searching, I left with an almost complete outfit, except for the shoes. So it was a massive surprise when she spotted the shoes in a charity shop window across a packed street. We promptly went in and tried them on, her first as they were to her taste. She takes a shoe size bigger than me, so I was chuffed when they were just too small for her. They fit perfect on me. They cost 15, a vast reduction on the new cost price of 120.

The next night, I wore them complete with fish net stockings, which made them rub but I won't give up on them just yet, they're too much fun!

image and text provided by Fern Stewart