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because every shoe can tell a story

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I am a painter and am very passionate about what I do, however I can't seem to get people to view my work! To submit to competitions you have to pay fee's and then get rejected (most of the time). I suppose I am a bit bitter about the whole situation. I work full time in unskilled labour to fund my work. Trying to stay fully focused is a concern, and it's hard sometimes to do a 10 hour shift in a very boring job and then have the energy to paint after this. So when I apply for competitions I just think give the man a break!

I began to think of ways I could get people to view my work, and I thought, right I'm going to wear it! I couldn't afford a new pair of trainers so I went and brought some plain ones from a market for four pounds. I then cut up segments of my canvas and shaped them to fit onto the trainers. I was quite impressed with the out come and wear them all the time now.

It's a kind of a punk attitude to over priced products, exploitation, the artworld and low paid jobs. Yet at the same time the inspiration that spur's me on!